Discovering the DNA of Real Estate Through A.I.


Quantarium’s pioneering proprietary and patented approach leverages both multi-dimensional modeling derived from genetic research and our exceptional mathematical and engineering expertise in creating an industry leading solution to the critical gap between real-time decision-ing and accurate valuations with dynamic calibrations of market conditions. There is no automated system available for Real Estate professionals and consumers to rapidly determine which properties are considered prudent, or possess high potential transaction value on the market. Everybody loses because of difficulty in understanding the market and identifying the financial value of a property along with its desirability relative to the market. In the end, both real estate professionals and consumers lose time and money.

Providing beyond commercial standard AVM accuracy to all stakeholders within the transaction, we are democratizing and revolutionizing the AVM market. Investors can achieve real time rationalization and preferred ranking of all available inventory units based on, among dozens of other factors, equity, home value, listing prices, neighborhood trends, distressed listings volume, inventory velocity, schools and D.O.M. Likewise, Sellers at a glance, can both understand the live market’s price-value spectrum and importantly, where their contemplated listing price will place their property within the market spectrum.

- For Buyers

Rank Your Home for Buyers: Professional investors, or consumers can define specific home markets in order to:
  • Receive, each day, in their Inbox, their particular market rationalized and ranked
  • Compare homes to discover best potential buys
  • Understand the market through a ranking criteria which includes home values, listing prices, local neighborhood trends, distressed properties levels, schools, inventory velocity - DOM, etc.
  • Rank properties by disparity between their inherent value scores
  • Determine top deals using a stars system: 5 stars being the best.
  • Establish a customizable Search experience

  • Your Buyers happily sign buyer broker agreement
  • Your Sellers understand the relationship between listing price and DOM within real time markets
  • Your professional Investors can receive ranked lists of "Best Investments" properties

For Investors:
  • Remain always assured of getting the "Best Values" in any area
  • Receive top deals in your Inbox each morning, with intra-daily updates to the latest listings*
  • "Flash Values" for Bulk property lists

Rank Your Home
(for Buyers)

- For Sellers

RankYourHome for Sellers allows homeowners preparing to list their home to better understand where their home might rank, given a suggested listing price, within properties currently available on the market. Moreover, home owners can both evaluate estimated days on market, in order to achieve a transaction at various listed prices and subsequently, dynamically understand where their home ranks as properties listed come on and off the market.

Real Estate professionals can leverage RankYourHome to assist their customers in understanding the time to sell, or days on market impact of a proposed listing price within the most recent market data and as that market may evolve once the home is listed.

Rank Your Home
(for Sellers)