Discovering the DNA of Real Estate Through A.I.


  • Quantarium’s extensive expertise in enterprise-scale software engineering provides Quantarium customers the ability to leverage the far-reaching Q-DSP and Quantarium highly scalable environment to create solutions specific to their business and market challenges.

  • Q-DSP – Scalable & Cost Effective
    Quantarium’s immensely scalable state of the art cloud infrastructure, Quantarium Data & Search Platform (Q-DSP), provides the industry’s most cost-effective and agile dynamic resource provisioning across infrastructure resources available in the market today, while at the same time eliminating cost defined barriers to entry and democratizing analytics across the real estate industry. Adaptable to high demand, high velocity business data and search requirements, Q-DSP provides a highly cost effective infrastructure to meet business needs.

  • Quantarium Search
    A Proprietary Real Estate Search Engine, deploying a sophisticated industry leading “in memory built index”, providing high throughput and extreme low latency results when searching for property address, APN, owner name, legal entity name, geographical coordinates, and comparables etc.

  • Quantarium ETL Technology for Real Estate
    A cloud based approach that provides acute high performance, yet immensely scalable, size customizable, cost effective solution for processing a large mix of real estate based data feeds including public records, MLS, local and segment data etc.

  • Quantarium Propagation System
    A source and destinations agnostic data propagation technology that leverages an extreme engineered parameterized methodology to transfer data between various sources and destinations.

  • Quantarium Visual Monitoring system
    A proprietary, highly innovative visual tracking technology that provides and displays a zoom-in/zoom-out comprehensive audit of Q-DSP transactions, such that transactions are located, analyzed and properly understood for the life of each individual transaction, operation and ultimately, result. Moreover, Q-Visual Monitoring provides statistical analysis across the complete system deployment.