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Pioneering disruptive technologies for astute customers who engage innovative approaches, Quantarium provides a comprehensive array of advanced analytics, data, workflow and mobile solution applications along with custom engineering services.


Quantarium Valuation Model

QVM - Better Insight, Better Decisions: Traditional AVM’s provide simple real estate property valuations using mathematical modelling combined with a database. Many AVMs on the market can calculate a property’s value at a specific point in time by analyzing the values of comparable properties, and taking into account previous surveyor valuations, historical house price movements and user input.


Quantarium Data & Search Platform

Ideated and architected from the ground up to address the broadest business and consumer use cases and the foundation of Quantarium’s offerings, Q-DSP is an immensely scalable, cost effective, cloud based data and search platform and provides Quantarium the ability to serve the largest and smallest of clients with on-demand throttle-able and extensible computing and search resources in either a multi-tenant or dedicated environment, along with self- hosted options.


Rank Your Home

Quantarium’s pioneering proprietary and patented approach leverages both multi-dimensional modeling derived from genetic research and our exceptional mathematical and engineering expertise in creating an industry leading solution to the critical gap between real-time decision-ing and accurate valuations with dynamic calibrations of market conditions.

An advanced engineering company headquartered in Seattle Washington focusing on real estate based analytics, Quantarium’s unique approach, derived from expertise in genetic research and driven by exceptional mathematical and engineering talent, leverages innovative and proprietary multidimensional data modeling and evolutionary programming technology.

Financial institutions, large portfolio holders, title companies, banks, investor groups, national stakeholders, agents, brokers, and sellers, among others, empower their businesses with the Quantarium advantage.

Customers across a broad spectrum of the real estate space achieve superior efficiencies, returns and competitive advantage with an industry first, highly cost effective B2B and B2C capable platform.

Analytics that are dynamically adaptive to new data sources and designed to increase accuracy with recurrent exposure instances, Quantarium also provides powerful high accuracy search technology, to deliver the industry’s leading accuracy valuations.

Quantarium, an advanced software engineering company founded by a team of leading scientists has brought a disruptive set of technologies across a broad range of markets that focus on real estate based analytics, technologies and advanced engineering services.


Quantarium has a unique blending of software architects highly knowledgeable in Real Estate and top real estate professionals that are experts in building successful software businesses

We have an exceptionally talented and experienced team, a winning mix of skills including PHD level expertise in analytics and data processing, world class software engineers, highly successful executives and serial entrepreneurs.

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